New York City Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney

When companies seeking debt relief or debt consolidation encounter challenges from creditors, lenders or customers, a consultation with an experienced business and commercial bankruptcy lawyer is a necessity and can provide valuable insight. To schedule a consultation with a New York business law attorney regarding bankruptcy issues such as preference defense actions or reclamation of goods associated with a business bankruptcy, contact experienced New York City business lawyer David H. Relkin.

Preference Defense Actions: Creditors' Rights in Business and Commerce

Attorney David H. Relkin represents companies being sued bya bankrupt company or bankruptcy trustees in litigation. The most common problem for a creditor of a bankrupt company is defending against reference actions brought by the Debtor or a Trustee.These companies require experienced legal counsel to help creditors protect their interests. The Bankruptcy Code provides for scrutiny of all payments and transfers made to creditors by a debtor during the 90-day period prior to the bankruptcy petition. Mr. Relkin has the experience and knowledge of preference defense actions to benefit affected companies with clear explanations and effective action.


Business lawyer David H. Relkin also proactively protects creditors who seek to reclaim goods shipped to the Bankrupt within a short period prior to a company's bankruptcy filing. Shippers of goods are encouraged to contact his New York office immediately upon notice of customer's bankruptcy to discuss how to go about retrieving shipped goods or merchandise to proactively protect their interests when bankrupt companies are not likely to make good on payment of orders. In the area of reclamation, your legal rights are extremely time-sensitive.