Collections of Accounts Receivable

New York City Commercial Collections Attorney

Business clients of the law offices of New York City commercial lawyer David H. Relkin are often taken by surprise when Mr. Relkin helps them collect accounts receivable that they had assumed should be written off as uncollectible. To discuss possible avenues of collectibility of outstanding receivables and economically feasible means of collecting them, contact the law offices of David H. Relkin by phone or e-mail.

Similarly, individual debts are often left by the wayside when they are believed to be uncollectible. David H. Relkin has investigative methods to advise you of avenues that you may not have considered which can potentially lead to collection.

Are your business's accounts receivable gathering dust? Contact David H. Relkin to investigate the collectibility of your stale receivables and convert them to incoming cash flow. Mr. Relkin has 22 years of experience handling collection of accounts receivable for lenders, banks and factors both aggressively and cost-effectively on behalf of business and corporate clients. He offers a variety of legal services related to commercial debt collection, including collections on unpaid loans, guarantees, sales of goods and invoices using the debtor and creditor law to collect fraudulent conveyances, one of his main areas of practice.

Individual persons or businesses that face collection actions are strongly encouraged to contact attorney David H. Relkin. In addition to business defenses about which he is well-experienced, many suits against individuals involve identity theft or deceptive collection practices which may exonerate the individual from judgments or collection agencies.

David H. Relkin handles trials in courts and arbitration forums and was formerly a partner in the highly-respected firms of Kreindler & Relkin, P.C. and Duane Morris LLP, and has been representing commercial clients for more than 22 years in New York, throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Contact attorney David H. Relkin to schedule a consultation regarding collections of any type, accounts receivable, guaranty obligations, loans, letters of credit, or individual commercial debt.