Fraudulent Conveyances

New York City Fraudulent Conveyances Attorney

Fraudulent conveyances, including any transfer of money or other assets that deprives the creditor of an avenue of collection, are a focus of the law practice of New York City lawyer David H. Relkin. Schedule a consultation by contacting his law office through this Web site or by phone.

Experienced Litigator

An example of a fraudulent conveyance might be a transfer of money, personal property or the transfer of real estate by a property owner to his or her spouse or others after being targeted as a defendant in a lawsuit. Mr. Relkin has litigated many cases pertaining to fraudulent conveyances. As a result of a groundbreaking case, the courts clarified that the initiation of arbitration meets the definition of a legal proceeding, and conveyances made after an arbitration action has commenced can be considered fraudulent as a matter of law.

Recovering the Value of Property That Was Fraudulently Conveyed after Commencement of Legal Action

In the event of a fraudulent conveyance, the property that was unlawfully transferred may be recovered. Attorney David H. Relkin regularly represents the interests of businesses and individuals who are engaged in collections or liability lawsuits against debtors who have made fraudulent conveyances. He may file suit against shareholders, officers and directors to recover monies that were improperly transferred by the debtor as a result of fraudulent conveyance.

Accounts Receivable Collection

Discuss your business law needs with commercial attorney David H. Relkin. Learn how he can help your business recover debts or judgments that were out of reach as a result of fraudulent conveyances. Contact the law offices of David H. Relkin.