Goods Sold & Delivered

New York Contracts Attorney - Goods Sold and Delivered

Attorney David H. Relkin defends the interests of buyers and sellers in transactions involving domestic and international deliveries of goods, including from China, Hong Kong, Russia, France and England. Schedule a consultation regarding failure to deliver goods as specified in a purchase contract. Contact commercial contract lawyer David H. Relkin concerning any of the following types of breach of contract:

  • Late and defective delivery of goods
  • Failure to be paid or fraud in connection with letters of credit
  • Delivery of goods to the wrong port of entry
  • Defective goods (wrong zippers or dangerous toys, for example)
  • Trademark infringement

Attorney David H. Relkin represents buyers in actions to collect money from suppliers to compensate for losses resulting from a breach of contract. Legal provisions may allow a buyer to attach payment conditions to subsequent shipments of goods from a seller who is subject to legal judgment. Banks can be held responsible for wrongfully paying Letters of Credit on improperly or fraudulent documents.

Mr. Relkin is an experienced arbitrator and trial lawyer who represents clients involved in a variety of business disputes. Formerly a partner with Kreindler & Relkin, P.C. and Duane Morris LLP, he has been representing commercial clients for more than 22 years, in New York, throughout the U.S. and around the World.

Discuss the various vehicles for collections that are available to your import business after goods sold and delivered are found to be defective or fraudulent. Contact the New York City office of commercial attorney David H. Relkin to schedule a consultation.