Letters of Credit

New York City Letters of Credit Attorney

Letters of credit are used by virtually every type of commercial entity. They are legal documents used to guarantee payment to a seller or lender upon presentation of certain documents. Disputes involving letters of credit include allegations by a buyer of fraud or damaged goods. Mr. Relkin represents both buyers and sellers in commercial disputes involving documentary and stand-by letters of credit.

But letters of credit disputes more frequently involve wrongful honor or dishonor alleged against issuing, collecting or advising banks. New York City business lawyer David H. Relkin is extremely familiar with claims of wrongful honor and dishonor disputes and the applicable standards of review by Courts. He has also published in this area.

To schedule a consultation regarding controversies involving letters of credit in import/export commercial transactions, or improper payments or refusals to pay in transactions to be paid or secured by letters of credit, contact New York attorney David H. Relkin.

In addition to disputes involving letters of credit, Mr. Relkin is prepared to discuss strategies for letters of credit involving international trade finance, complaints of trademark infringement by foreign or domestic businesses, or collection of proceeds of letters of credit. Clients look to Mr. Relkin for his knowledge, abilities and record of success in commercial litigation and arbitration. He advocates on behalf of buyers and sellers of imported goods in matters such as the following:

  • Failure to pay against documents
  • Securing purchases or loans by stand-by letters of credit
  • Misdirection of payments
  • Improper payment instruments
  • Defective goods
  • Fraud in the Transaction
  • Fraud in the documents presented
  • Collections from sellers and buyers
  • Import/export finance
  • Breach of contract claims

Mr. Relkin, formerly a partner at the highly-respected firms of Kreindler & Relkin, P.C. and Duane Morris LLP, represents parties to Letters of Credit in arbitration and litigation. He has more than 22 years of commercial law litigation and arbitration experience representing companies in New York and nationwide, as well as foreign suppliers and purchasers, domestically and overseas. He has litigated and won a number of landmark cases involving letters of credit and can be relied upon to handle your matter in the most cost-effective and successful and creative ways. Contact his law office to schedule a consultation.