Privacy Violations

New York City Privacy Violations Attorney - Fair Credit Reporting Act Attorney

For legal counsel and representation in any privacy violation matter in New York or elsewhere, seek out an attorney who is prepared to protect your legal rights. Attorney David H. Relkin handles privacy cases involving issues such as Identity Theft, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations, Deceptive collection practices and HIPAA violations.

Contact the law offices of David H. Relkin in New York City to schedule a consultation regarding identity theft, credit collections or misuse of medical information. Attorney Relkin handles violations in cases involving legal matters such as:

  • Credit collection errors
  • Misuse of personal information
  • Credit reporting agency negligence
  • Credit rating errors
  • Privacy violations
  • Unauthorized credit inquiries
  • Unfair and Deceptive Collection Practices

Identity Theft

The first indication that a person has become a victim of identity theft is often the discovery of a plummeting credit rating. Or an identity theft victim may receive a letter from a creditor demanding payment for an obligation you never incurred. In the most damaging cases, the identity theft victim often doesn't know his identity is stolen until a judgment is rendered against him.

Take action when erroneously reported bad debts threaten your ability to obtain credit for a home purchase, auto loan or student loan. Act quickly before damage to your credit and your good name is compounded by erroneous credit reports.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Both creditors and credit reporting agencies such as TransUnion, TRW and Experian are required by law to report information accurately. Mr. Relkin handles cases involving alleged Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, including misuse of credit and improper debt collection practices.


Contact privacy violations attorney David H. Relkin in New York City if you have been harmed by HIPAA violations, including unlawful dissemination of personal or negative medical information. Federal statutes regulate the dissemination of that information to third parties. If you have discovered that private data has been released without your consent (such as information regarding cancer treatment or substance abuse rehabilitation treatment), discuss your legal remedies with attorney David H. Relkin.